The 16 Days of Sonic Xmas Begins

Tails has been standing at that window for the last four hours

Tails has been standing at that window for the last four hours

This holiday season, you deserve a special treat! And by special treat, I (obviously) mean a review of all fifteen Sonic the Hedgehog games I’ve ever played. PLUS a bonus editorial for all of my favorite Sonic songs. But that’s a surprise, okay? Act surprised when that time comes.

Sonic is a pretty cool hedgehog eh? And yet the blue blur seems to be getting a lot of flack these days! Well, it might be warranted, but I’ll argue that not only do the classics still hold up to this day, but that there’s been some solid titles that have released since the 16-bit golden era too. When the game developers know what they’re doing, there’s still a lot of fun to be had.

sonic wins

So what games will I be reviewing? Well, the main systems I’ve bought Sonic games for are the Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, and DS. There will be a couple guest star games from other systems, but suffice to say I haven’t really kept up with most of the latest “next-gen” offerings. Perhaps that explains my blue-tinted glasses? Well, don’t be too hard on me; I don’t have enough rings to be buying all these newfangled video game systems.

What will be the highest-rated Sonic game? What will be the lowest? What will be smack-dab in the middle? You’ll find out soon enough, starting tomorrow with Sonic the Hedgehog.

(The original one.)

sonicing intensifies


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