Sega Swirl (Dreamcast) Review

Continuing my current theme of puzzle games, I’ll go ahead and review this odd title for the Dreamcast. It’s called Sega Swirl.

See? I'm not lying.

See? I’m not lying.

There isn’t much to say about this game, so why am I reviewing it? Well, I’m trying to go through all my puzzle games… That’s pretty much it.

Sega Swirl! Very simple game. The screen has a bunch of different-colored swirl icons, and you want to select as big a group of same-colored ones as possible. These swirls will disappear, leaving empty space in their place (and letting swirls above said empty space fall down, etc). You want to get points! Points, points, points. Rack up a super score! And whatever you do, never, ever, EVER select a specific-colored swirl all by its lonesome, as that will make you LOSE points. Which is a terrible thing to do.

Yup, that's the game

Yup, that’s the game

That’s the whole game, but you can also play against a friend (taking turns) or do a split-screen mode for up to four players. You can play online too, thanks to the almighty power of Dreamcast’s built-in 56K modem, which allows you to connect to CYBERSPACE. I’m talking the World. Wide. Web. And hey, even PC gamers are thrown an online gaming bone in this instance, as they can play against Dreamcasters via email! Kind of cool, I guess?

Graphics so real, you'll feel like you're actually IN the game!!!

Graphics so real, you’ll feel like you’re actually IN the game!!!

I’m going to be honest here, it’s a boring game. It’s just not that engaging? I don’t feel so accomplished for selecting stuff that’s the same color? It’s basically just a cell phone game. (Is this on cell phones? It’s probably on cell phones in some form.) But hey… Sega Swirl was included for free in my Dreamcast Magazine demo discs, so it’s not like I had to drop 50 bucks for it or something. But why play that when there’s a demo for Skies of Arcadia or San Francisco Rush 2049 to be had?


Sega Swirl does have that snake.

"Sssssstep aside, Ssssssonic! Ssssssega has a NEW unhinged mascot!"

“Sssssstep aside, Ssssssonic! Ssssssega has a NEW unhinged mascot!”

It is, admittedly, a pretty cool snake.

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