Review of This Mug with a Cat’s Face on It

I wasn’t satisfied with the mugs I already owned, so I bought this mug from one of those gypsy stands in the mall. What initially drew me to this mug was the fact that it had a cat’s face on it (obviously), but once I started using it, I realized that this mug had a whole lot more going for it than just its superficial beauty.

This one.

I don’t like super-hot coffee. And I sure as hell don’t like waiting for super-hot coffee to cool down. So I’ve solved this problem by placing ice cubes into the mug before I run my Keurig. Through trial and error, I have figured out that the optimal ice cube-to-coffee ratio is five cubes for the largest cup brew setting. This keeps the coffee warm but chuggable.

Awkward cube handling.

Science is a bitch, though. All those melted ice cubes create too much water for some mugs to handle, causing the coffee to overflow. This mug is large enough to accommodate the extra liquid from the melted cubes without spilling over.

With room to spare!

Another great feature of this mug is that the image is repeated on both sides. At first, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I can’t tell you how many mugs I’ve owned that have two different images depending on which hand you drink with. That’s a bunch of bullshit. What if one side had a cat’s face, and the other had a dog’s face? Then I’d have to choose which was more important: drinking with my proper hand, or being able to display the cat’s face to my breakfast pals.

What’s the damn point?

I also like that the cat’s face on this mug looks just like my cat’s face. I mean, it’s a pretty common face for cats to have, but it still adds to my enjoyment of the mug. My neighbor has a cat that looks like my cat and I bet he would like this feature, too.

My cat. Maybe my neighbor’s. Doesn’t matter.

Overall, I’d say that this is an above-average mug. I highly recommend it to anyone. Especially people who own a cat that looks like the cat on the mug.


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  1. Hm, that’s pretty interesting, especially how the mug has a picture of a cat’s face on it. I’ll have to keep this mug in mind, should I decide to buy a mug with a cat’s face on it.

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