Review of This Inflatable Parrot Wearing an Irish Hat

Recently, I found myself in need of an inflatable parrot. The reasons are not important, nor worth explaining. Let’s just say that there may come a time in your life when you are in the market for an inflatable parrot. So which one should you choose?

Top o' the morning!

Top o’ the morning!

Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to find an inflatable parrot better than this one. It’s big, it’s colorful, and it’s wearing an Irish hat that reads: I’m a WEE-BIT Irish!

Now, some may find it odd that a clearly tropical bird is proclaiming its Celtic heritage (via its hat), but I’m not one to judge. I have a friend from Germany who is actually French. You would never know just by looking at him, though. He totally looks German. Ancestry can be complicated is my point here.

Air not included.

What do you call this thing?

This inflatable parrot does not come pre-inflated. You have to do that yourself. Thankfully, it has an… air nozzle (blow hole?) that makes blowing it up super-easy. It even has a little valve in it so when you stop blowing, all of the air doesn’t immediately leak out.

Pictured: convenience.

Pictured: convenience.

One great feature of this inflatable parrot is that it comes with a string attached to it. This is useful because it allows you to hang the parrot from a hook, thus simulating flight. The only downside is that the parrot is a little top-heavy (due to the hat) so you sorta have to jimmy-rig it a little bit to achieve the desired result. Unless your desired result is a perpetual dive bomb. In that case, it works beautifully.

Lovely plumage.

Lovely plumage.

The details on this inflatable parrot are impressive. Each wing has multiple feathers and the lines are sharp and clean. When you look at it, you are left with no doubts; this is, in fact, a parrot.

Thanks, Obama!

Thanks, Obama!

The only really negative thing I could say about this inflatable parrot is that it’s made in China. It would have been nice if American workers had crafted it with their American hands in an American factory. But hey, globalization is a double-edged sword. This inflatable parrot cost me $2. Who knows? If it was made in the USA, it probably would have cost me $3. So, you know, what are you gonna do?

Polly wants potatoes. And ale. And stereotypes.

Polly wants potatoes. And ale. And stereotypes.

Overall, I think this is the best inflatable parrot on the market. The fact that it comes with an Irish hat really makes it stand out from all the others available. If you ever find yourself in need of an inflatable parrot, this is the one you should buy.


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