Pac-Man Vs. (Gamecube) Review

Pac-Man is an old arcade game where you are a… I don’t know. A circle. But there’s ghosts out there, and they’ll chase you down and try to get you to join their strange cult. Only way out of this mess is to devour them. It’s a little messed up admittedly, so it’s best you down some strong pills first so you don’t think too much about it while in the act.

Ms. Pac-Man refined the gameplay quite a bit, giving you more maps to zoom through and trickier ghosts to deal with. Also: pretzels, pears and bananas. All great fruits.

pac man vs cover

And then, I’m almost 100% sure this is the next game in the franchise: Pac-Man Vs. for the Gamecube, released in 2003 (like, one or two years after Pac-Man). This game is awesome, because YOU get to be the ghosts! This is basically a four-player Wii U game before the Wii U came out, in which one player is Pac-Man on a Game Boy Advance (which connects to the Gamecube with a special cord), while the other three players use regular Gamecube controllers and play as the ghosts on the TV. Each ghost player has a very limited view of the map though, which makes it challenging for them to coordinate an attack on the Pac-Man. When Pac-Man gets accosted by a ghost, the screen pauses so that the ghost player’s controller can be switched for the Game Boy Advance (i.e. that player is now Pac-Man and can earn points).

pacman vs 1

So this is on the TV

And this is on the Game Boy Advance

And this is on the Game Boy Advance

And that’s the game. It’s fun though (at least for a few rounds). And so long as you have three friends to play with. And a Gamecube, three controllers, a Game Boy Advance, and the cord that connects the two systems–not to mention the game itself. Well, I guess this is why Pac-Man Vs. didn’t light the world on fire–but hey, if you happen to have most of these things, why not pick this game up? Also, why doesn’t Nintendo and Namco get a clue and release this on the Wii U? Well, some things in life are a mystery, much like ghosts.

pacman vs 3


  • Did you know, the player who gets the predetermined number of points needed to win first, is the winner?
  • Did you know, Pac-Man earns points by eating pellets?
  • Did you know, the ghosts in this game are named Walden, Penny, Houdini, Pinecone, Stuffy, Chester, Montgomery, Socks, and Sassafras?
  • Did you know, maze is another word for MAZE?
  • Did you know, much like Pac-Man is a video game, Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout is ALSO a video game?
  • Did you know, that your baby boy, would one day walk on water?
  • Did you know, Pac-Man Vs. was the first video game to ever win a Noble Peace Prize?
  • Did you know, Nintendo basically never releases random peripherals for their consoles that only end up getting two, maybe three games that actually use them?
  • Did you know, John Williams composed the music for this game? And every other video game.
  • Did you know, Pac-Man is a 0-sided shape known as a circle? Except when his mouth is open.

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