New Kickstart Flavors – Watermelon – Blood Orange – Blueberry Pomegranate – Midnight Grape

I may have a mild case of addiction to Mtn Dew Kickstart, their unholy advertisement campaign aside. New flavors have been out for a while now, so are any of them worth our time?


Tastes very much like watermelon. Watermelon candy actually. If you like watermelon Jolly Rancher then this is the drink for you, because it’s just that candy in liquid format. Though it isn’t quite as sweet, so it’s less cloying on the palate.



Blood Orange

It’s citrus, but with more body than the existing orange flavor. Nothing to write home about, but an improvement over its predecessor, but at the same time did we really need another orange flavored soda? It’s good, but doesn’t stand out compared to the other flavors.



Blueberry Pomegranate

Originally this was my favorite flavor, it’s exactly what it says on the can, blueberry. But after several cans I’ve decided it’s a lot lower on my list than previously thought. It’s like drinking a liquified blueberry yogurt. Which was enjoyable for a while, but didn’t have much staying power.


Midnight Grape

This. This is the absolute king of the new flavors. Grape soda may not be an inspired decision, but grape soda is also absolutely freaking delicious. This has a strong grape flavor, but it’s a flavor that isn’t too candy like or really compares to much of anything at all. It’s just delicious. And due to their strange packaging decisions, you get more of it per can. So it’s the best of both worlds, where previously the smaller cans tasted better while the larger cans gave you a better value. Well now I don’t see why I would buy any other flavor.

To top it off, the can has the best design. Black and purple are a good combination.


The new flavors aren’t as amazing as I’d hoped, but then again I’m drinking them more regularly than the old flavors, so take that as you will. And while these have more caffeine than regular Mtn Dew and less than energy drinks, I don’t recommend drinking three of them in a row. Even for review purposes.

I can’t stop vibrating!

Introducing the New Flash Villain: Too Much Caffeine Man!

And would it be too much to ask Pepsi to stop outsourcing their marketing campaign to a cabal of satanists?

I Would Add a Picture of Puppy Monkey Baby and Say Something Along the Lines of “I’ll See You In Hell, Puppy Monkey Baby!” But I’m Afraid He’d Take Me At My Word. So Have a Happy Puppy Instead.

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