Monkey Week Begins


I know what you are thinking. “Monkey week? But Nathan, don’t you know it’s actually Shark week? For someone who runs a site about sharks, how could you possibly have neglected the core bit of information, my man?”

First off, I’m not your “man,” though I appreciate the attempt at casual banter. Second, of course we know it’s Shark Week! What do you take us for, a bunch of not-shark-experts?

Pictured: A typical day at the Sharkberg offices

Pictured: A typical day at the Sharkberg offices

The thing is, here at The Berg, every single week is Shark Week. I mean do you think I wrote that entire Ten Sharks in Gaming article only to find out it was a week too early for Shark Week? Of course not! What am I, an idiot?

But seeing as every day here is spent celebrating the awesomness of our cartilage-boned, seal-eating big cats of the sea, we’re gonna mix it up this week. Rather than celebrate sharks, we’re gonna take a week off, evolve some legs, and crawl onto dry land. The reason, you might ask?


Oh snap!

Oh snap!

That’s right, to show we don’t give a crap about Shark Week, this week on Sharkberg expect MONKEY WEEK to hit in full force. We got tons of monkey-related content coming your way, from video games to movies and tv shows and who knows what else. You wanna get your primate on? You ready to get it On like Donkey Kong? You ready to GO BANANAS?! 

I know I am.

I know I am.

So stay tuned for not Shark Week, but MONKEY week here on the ‘Berg. Though I guess if you’re really hurting, we could have our scientists whip up some kind of monkey…shark…frankenstein hybrid. I mean, what could pawsibly go wron-


I've made a horrible mistake.

I’ve made a horrible mistake.


Author: Nathan Major

Spirit Shark: Hammerhead. Retro game collector, true ginger, and SNES fanatic. Goal in life is to become Karnov from the NES game Karnov.

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