Limbo (PC) Review

Limbo? More like CHICKEN LIMBO.

Gonna go out on a limb here

Gonna go out on a limb here

All right, time for another indie game review–I played this one on Steam, but it’s available on about 18 other things, so feel free to pick it up wherever you wish. If you wish. I personally didn’t care for this one!

In the game of Limbo, you are a young boy who must venture about in a dark and gloomy silhouette world of 2D platforming and puzzle-solving. Unfortunately the game is not very good at being a platformer, and its puzzles aren’t interesting at all. The game certainly looks nice–I love its aesthetic, and the ambient soundtrack works well with it–but I found Limbo a chore to play through. It’s a very short game, however, so take that as either a positive or negative, whichever you prefer.

Why is it always spiders that get to be the huge bug in games, anyways

Why is it always spiders that get to be the huge bug in games, anyways

The game started out rather promising–you’ve got this huge spider trying to take you down, and you have to come up with a few ways to get past it and ultimately kill it. But after that, the game became a bit… bland. There’s some kids that try to kill you, but that’s pretty much it for the enemies you face in the entire game. I was expecting lots of cool stuff after that spider, but… nothing.

Level design that grinds my gears

Level design that grinds my gears

As it turns out, about two-thirds of the game is devoted to working through an abandoned factory of some sort. Definitely not what I was expecting, and I ultimately found most of its puzzles really straightforward and its platforming really not fun. You have to die a lot in this game–again and again and again–but I never felt it was because the game was challenging in a good way. Most of the time it was just really annoying jumps it was asking me to pull off. The kid jumps about as well as a turtle (and not the ninja variety), and the game designer thought it would be great to pad out the game with lots of jumping over pits. The boy can jump, say, 4.8 units of jumpage, and the pits are always 4.72 jumpages long. Fun.

A three-hour tour... A three-hour tour...

A three-hour tour… A three-hour tour…

And then the game ends, and the non-story finishes off with a non-ending. Hooray! Bottom Line: The game is nice to look at–well, at least until it all becomes a monotonous factory–but it’s just no fun to play through. It does not impress in the platforming, puzzling, or horror departments. And there’s no replay value either, if that’s something you’re looking for.

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