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神威(かむい)はとってもすごいです!1999にSITER SKAINはこのPCゲームを作りました。いいスペースシップのSTGです。毎日したいです。毎時したいです!雷獣になりました!ドーーーーンッ!! このゲームにさめを四頭をあげます~

Tsuyoi desu!

Tsuyoi desu!

And that’s that for the review!

… What, you don’t wakarimasu? SIGH, it can’t be helped. Let’s English then!

Pew pew pew

Pew pew pew

To get straight to the point, Kamui is basically everything I could ask for in a shmup:

  • vertical shoot-em-up IN SPAAAAAAACE
  • loads of cool-looking space ships to shoot down
  • huge explosions
  • on top of firing bullets, you have the power of a lightning god, and can zap away dozens of enemies below you at once
  • and when it’s time to bring out the big guns… I’MMA FIRIN’ MAH LAZER… BWAAAAHHHH!!!
  • it’s just a cool game, okay

Thunderbolts and lightning (very very frightening)

As you can expect, this is a game where you have to be really careful weaving your space ship through waves of bullets, all while taking down hundreds of enemies with your own weaponry. To spice things up a bit though, Kamui has enemies flying about on two separate planes–and to defeat the space ships flying below, you need to execute a secondary attack: an instantaneous burst of lightning that locks on to everything below you. It is quite epic to behold, but as you can expect this can’t be spammed constantly–you must wait for your lightning gauge to fill back up after a few seconds. Alternating between your regular and alternate attacks all while dodging bullets is key to racking up a super score.

But wait, there’s more: hold both attack buttons at once and your space ship can unleash a massive lightning-powered laser beam, taking down all the bullets and enemies in front of you for several seconds at a time! Again though, once the lightning gauge is used up you will have to wait a bit before you can use it again. It’s great for getting out of a jam, or for taking down the bigger enemies more quickly (i.e. before they fly off-screen, or before they unleash a huge attack on you). Suffice to say you get to control a pretty sweet space ship in this game.

"I dwell amidst the abounding light of heaven! Thou art at the gate to the underworld. Come forth, thunder of the gods! This ends here -- INDIGNATION!"

“I dwell amidst the abounding light of heaven! Thou art at the gate to the underworld. Come forth, thunder of the gods! This ends here — INDIGNATION!”

I’m not what you call an expert when it comes to the shoot-em-up genre, so it is fortunate that Kamui includes multiple difficulty modes, that the ship’s shields can take multiple hits, and that you can keep playing with continues without having to start over. The game is plenty difficult for those who want the full enchilada of the bullet hell challenge, but it also manages to be accommodating for beginners… meaning I’m able to play through the whole game and experience all the levels. Hooray!

The levels look great, and the bosses are well-designed and a lot of fun to take down. All that said though, the game is only six levels long and won’t take much time at all to play through. I don’t believe this is unusual for the genre (what with its arcade gaming roots and all), but it is something to keep in mind. The game’s value is in its quality and replayability–it’s fun to go back to whenever you get the urge to blast through a couple thousand space ships in a glorious cacophony of lightning and explosions. Get it on Steam for less than ten bucks!

Author: Reset Tears

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    • It’s a good one. Are you a fan of shmups?

      I believe there are a couple other shmups by the same creator, and set in the same universe (for however much the storyline matters). RefleX and Alltynex Second, it looks like they’re called. (They are also on Steam.)

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