Jurassic Park (1993) Review

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Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Jurassic Park is a movie about an amusement park full of dinosaurs! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the best park ever. Granted, some people might get eaten by the dinosaurs, but I think that we just have to accept that. People die; it happens. Meanwhile… REAL. LIFE. DINOSAURS. It’s a perfectly fair trade-off.

The movie itself has stood the test of time, much better than the dinosaurs have (wusses couldn’t handle a single asteroid). I was pretty surprised actually, just how well Jurassic Park holds up after all these years! The dinosaurs look great. (But then, I suppose that should be obvious, since they’re cloned creatures made for the film. It’s all explained in the movie…)

jurassic park 2

A bunch of doofuses

Loads of fun to be had at Jurassic Park, but even more impressive is just how good the story is. Some great themes are presented regarding technology for playing god, humanity vs nature, Frankenstein with dinosaurs, etc. The cast is quite memorable too–not only do the main characters all have their various engaging subplots, but all the minor characters are interesting as well. The script for this picture is as tight as it gets; practically every line of dialogue manages to move the plot forward in some way, or show us something new about one of the characters. And speaking of dialogue–there are tons of great lines in this one. For example:

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

I should also mention the cinematography and directing and what-not is all top-notch for this film. Though I put this review in the “action” category, there are some parts of the movie I would argue are some of the best horror scenes you’ll ever see. Namely, the T-Rex’s arrival in the storm, and the whole bit with the velociraptors in the kitchen. Dare I say this film is a classic? You better watch it if you haven’t yet.

jurassic park 5

When Philosoraptor’s Theories are Harshly Debunked

High points:

  • T-Rex is scary and awesome
  • Velociraptors are awesome and scary
  • Malcolm’s ramblings and constant one-liners
  • Legitimately good character development (e.g. Hammond’s ice cream scene, Dr. Grant’s arc with the kids)
  • The kids can actually act well
  • When Nedry puts that wad of shaving cream on some poor sap’s pie
  • Dat soundtrack

Low points:

  • This film spawned bad sequels (I’ll get to those later…)
  • The park was shut down (WHY?!)

Bottom line:

Dinosaurs are real, and you can be right there with them if you watch this movie (and pretend you’re in it, and can easily confuse fiction with reality).

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