Flower (PS4) Review

Flower was a game released in 2013 for the Playstation 3 and the PSVita, and then later on in 2015 for the Playstation 4. The game uses the SIXAXIS functionality of the controller which basically makes the game a motion controlled game. I traded my Nintendo Wii in years ago, so playing a motion control game after years not doing so took a little bit. Fortunately, the controls are super tight and it feels great.


In Flower, you are the wind. Your objective in every level is to fly around and bloom flowers. Each flower you bloom contributes one petal to your gust of wind, so at the end of a level you’ll have a ton of petals. There’s no real time limit or scoring on the game, so you have the freedom to just enjoy going as fast or slow as you want. I certainly was glad I didn’t have a timer on those first few levels when I was getting the hang of things. You can press the X button to transform your drift of wind into a mighty gust. Each flower plays a sound, so there’s an incentive to go fast, to make the melody of flowers sound more like a song and less like a ping.


This game is relatively simple in concept, but it never feels like less of anything for it. The levels take place in flourishing grassy areas, with the exception of the last three which take place in a city wasteland. Blowing through the grass and watching it react like actual wind does looks fantastic. There’s a story to the game, but like most art, it can be open to interpretation. I personally felt like the game was about bringing beauty to a cold and dark city where there was limited plant life. You start out in an open field and gradually you traverse to this empty city and through your wind bloom abilities, you bring light to to the town. The game is mostly about using the motion gameplay to just move the wind, but there are some obstacles in a couple levels along the lines of power lines, which can burn away some of your flower petals. By the time you get to those, you should have spent enough time with the controls to be able to navigate the power lines with minimal issues. It’s excellently balanced in that respect. There are a ton of trophies to get so replaying levels is both fun and rewarding in that sense.


Overall, this is a great game worth the price of admission. It’s the kind of game you could finish in a weekend and randomly pick back up a month or two later and still have the same amount of fun. It’s not a difficult game by any means, but it is highly enjoyable and has excellent value. I can’t think of too many next-generation games I paid less than $5.00 for that I liked this much.

Author: Matt Edson

Independent game designer at Red Triangle Games, with completed works such as Batman & Robin, Scare Spree, Mr. Triangle's Adventure and Graffiti Goose. Is a big fan of the super hero movie genre and comic books in general.

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