Columns (Genesis) Review

I’m still determined to finish reviewing all my puzzle games, so let’s move on to a true classic: Columns. It just so happened to be / The Best Game in the World / It was the Best Game in the World.

Hold the phone, where's the gem at the bottom in the middle?

Hold the phone, where’s the gem at the bottom in the middle?

So I already explained what Columns was before, but maybe I can add something more? So you’ve got the columns of gems, they’re falling, and you’re cycling through the order of the gems, trying to make lines of three matching gems. Horizontal. Vertical. Diagonal. You gotta make chains. You gotta win games. So easy to learn, no wonder it’s number one!

The original Columns is still fun to play, even to this day. It works as both a single-player and a two-player title. And… that’s it.

Waiting on player two... Won't anyone play this with me?!?!?!

Waiting on player two… Won’t anyone play this with me?!?!?!

The song is okay… but not great. I prefer the songs in Columns III: Revenge of Columns a lot more. They’re just more intense and catchy–and rockin’. And no, I’m not making up the title for that game, it’s actually called Columns III: Revenge of Columns! And this is what the cover looked like. Hell, I might as well review Columns III while I’m at it. This version of the game added a story mode (???) where you’re fighting through an ancient pyramid full of monsters, and the multiplayer facilitates more players. There are also special attacks and such you can utilize, such as making the “floor” of the opponent’s board rise up, and a sparkly gem that can erase all the gems of a specific color off your board. Pretty mind-blowing right? 4 out of 5 stars.

So if you want a Columns game, I guess you ought to go for the third one. (Or, you know, Hanagumi Taisen Columns, the definitive version [of all video games].) This is all pretty weird to say, when this was supposed to be a review for the first game, right? You gotta stay on your toes here at Sharkberg. The first Columns was the game on my mind though when I started writing this, since that’s what I’ve been playing recently. I got a pretty cool score too; check this out:

Only the highest of quality for screenshots to be had here.

Only the highest of quality for screenshots to be had here.

That’s on the Vita, via a download of the PSP title Sega Genesis Collection, BTW. Great selection of titles on that, including Shinobi III, Flicky, and of course–the littlest, most beloved title of all–Columns. (single tear drop)

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