About Sharkberg

(it’s a biological impossibility)


Sharkberg is a media site designed from the ground up to cater critique, criticism, comments, and craziness. Here we offer reviews, editorials, blurbs, blobs, and burps of all sizes and shapes. We don’t want to make media that wastes your time or bores you; we want to make internet articles fun. So fun is what you get. Unlike a real shark, where you’d probably just get eaten.

There are no limits here. Often you’ll see one writer review something and another counter-point that review with their own article. Our staff is a group of people with varied opinions and tastes, and we think all forms of critique are to be shared. So don’t be too surprised to see two (or three, or four!) reviews of the same game, movie, or Big Mouth Billy Bass fish. On Sharkberg, critique and critical thinking of all types is welcome.

Also we sometimes review dumb garbage and write stupid nonsense, so get used to that.



 Be Part of The ‘Berg

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We want all types of content. While we have our regular writing staff, guest articles and submissions are always welcome. Want to talk about a particular game you liked? Maybe a nuanced critique of a film? Perhaps a top ten (or hundred?!) list? Or an article about anime or manga? As long as it is well written and edited, we’ll take it all. And if we don’t accept it…don’t take it personally. We still love you, but we have a sharky image to maintain here.

Please note that we do not (currently) offer any payment in return for guest articles. If this changes in the future, it will be posted here.

At the moment we are still ironing out the kinks in guest submissions, so submission are CLOSED. But fear not! They will be back up shortly, once things are less under construction (and I can make an HTML web form behave).



Pictured: A typical day at the Sharkberg offices

 Meet the Sharks

(that write instead of bite)

Spirit Shark: Hammerhead Shark

Nathan at this exact moment is probably being forced to eat ramen because he saw a retro game in a store and just had to have it.

Video game reviewer, game designer, movie muncher, novel writer, and artsy perler maker, Nathan should probably just stick to one thing and do that. But since when is doing one thing any fun?

Sporting an amazing ginger beard and the reaction time of a comatose sloth, Nathan built Sharkberg to be a place where anybody can talk about whatever they want, whenever they want. Especially if it is shark related.

Be sure and check out his review blog and YouTube channel if you can’t get enough. Also, buy some video game art.



Spirit Shark: Whale Shark (practicing Wobbegong)

Game and movie guy, fish tank enthusiast. Independent game designer at Super Walrus Games. Designer of Walthros, C. Kane, Horse Game, Ghost’s Towns, and more. Shares a spiritual connection with Whale Sharks, but is a practicing Wobbegong.

In 1992, Paul drew a goofy comic about a hungry, grouchy fish named Bob Surlaw who has since gone on to star in his own video games, court-room drama, and political campaign. Bob even wrote his own autobiography!

Paul’s focus is now on spending time with his family, his pets, and watching lots of movies while making spooky and funky games. Ran HamsterSpeak Magazine from March 2007 to July 2012. He also writes at Wobble Reviews if you can’t get enough of his word blurp.

Spirit Shark: Goblin Shark

mr8bit was the 21st overall pick in the 1992 NBA draft. Sidelined by injury, he left the game in 1996 and joined the narcotics division of Los Angeles Police Department where he worked deep undercover. Using his wits, his guts, and his gun, he single-handedly brought down the Los Zetas crime cartel and exposed corruption in the highest levels of the police force. Disillusioned, he left the force and bought a ranch in New Mexico. He has found peace farming the land and making video game soundtracks (available for free download here)


Spirit Shark: Saw Shark

Derek Bown (Not bRown) is a reviewer of anime and cartoons with several years of on and off experience writing reviews. As of yet he has failed to do so for money, but he continues to dream big that one day his google adsense balance will be sent to him. He’s dabbled in anime, manga, cartoons, comics, and movie reviewing but can’t seem to focus on just one. In his off time he likes to write. He hasn’t played many games, but will every once in a while try a new game and then disappear from the face of the earth forever.


Spirit Shark: Epaulette Shark

M. Alasdair MacKenzie – whose first name rhymes with shark – is a level seventeen Archpedant with fists of steel and a nose for trouble, as well as a decade’s experience publicly criticizing media for cash. He is sick to death of film and “getting there” with videogames, and is rumored to be satisfied with nothing but the sound of his own voice. He does, however, heart stupid videogames, and will defend to the death his right to enjoy Bionic Commando (2009).


Spirit Shark: RIP

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